Jordan Belfort Net Worth In 2023

The name Jordan Belfort has come to be associated with excess, corruption, and greed. Jordan Belfort, however, who is he? How did he grow to be the notorious figure that he is now, and where did he originate from? We’ll go further into Belfort’s biography in this piece, covering everything from his early years in Queens, New York, to his success as a stockbroker, his fall from grace, and his numerous reinventions as an inspirational speaker & author.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth

Young Children and Education

Leah and Max Belfort gave birth to him on 9th/07/1962, in Queens. His mother was a stay-at-home mom, while his father was an accountant. The childhood of Belfort, who was raised in a middle-class household, was mostly ordinary. He went to high school in Bayside, Queens, where he was a typical student with little enthusiasm for his studies. Sales & entrepreneurship were Belfort’s true loves. He launched a tiny company selling Italian ice on the Long Island beaches when he was an adolescent, which he eventually sold for a profit.

Personal and Family Life:

Jordan wed Nadine Caridi, his 2nd spouse. Carter, a male, and Chandler, a girl, are their 2 children together. Their marriage did, however, end in divorce in 2005.

Drug addiction and other problems have been prominent features of his personal life. He has acknowledged taking narcotics while working as a stockbroker, including cocaine and Quaaludes. Also, he struggled with alcoholism and often entered and exited treatment. Despite his difficulties, Jordan has maintained his sobriety since 1998 and developed into an inspirational speaker who aids others in overcoming addiction.

Jordan Belfort’s Net Worth

His estimated value of his is $99.9 million. Yet because the majority of his riches came via deceptive practices, he was forced to compensate his victims with $110 million. Jordan’s current earnings come from his book sales & speaking engagements. He is also engaged in a number of commercial endeavours, such as Straight Line Persuasion, a course for salesmen.


The life of his is a monument to the value of second chances. He has succeeded as an entrepreneur, author, & inspirational speaker despite his criminal history. Jordan’s narrative serves as a warning about the perils of greed & the significance of moral conduct in business. His achievement also helps.

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