Magic Johnson Net Worth In 2023

People look for Magic Johnson’s Net Worth of 2023 on the internet. Therefore, we have updated Magic Johnson’s age, height, and a tonne of other information on our website. American Magic Johnson played basketball professionally in the past.

Magic Johnson Net Worth

Magic Johnson: Who is He?

He was born on 14/08/1959. His father, who played basketball himself, introduced him to the game when he was a little child. He was raised in a big household with nine siblings. Johnson went to Everett High School in Lansing, where he participated in basketball and helped the team win the state title in 1977.

Early Years

Lansing, Michigan welcomed Magic Johnson into the world on 14/08/1959. Johnson continued his education after high school by enrolling at Michigan State University, where he participated in the men’s basketball team.

He immediately rose to the top of the squad and assisted in their 1979 NCAA championship success. Johnson acquired the moniker “Magic” for to his outstanding performance in the championship game when he filled in at all five spots.

How much money will Magic Johnson have in 2022?

Magic Johnson’s net worth is about $600 million. He makes a sizable fortune through his stakes in the wildly successful MLB team LA Dodgers. He is also a successful businessman who has amassed millions of dollars via his ventures.


Magic Johnson’s NBA contracts, which included a 25-year, $25 million deal, brought in a total of $3934K. He was a shrewd investor and earned a fortune. He made a substantial sum of money while serving as the Lakers’ director of basketball operations.

Sir Magic Johnson is now where?

He is currently a businessman with a focus on providing high-quality businesses and services to metropolitan regions that are neglected. Even though he has amassed millions, he is committed to passing on his riches to future generations. He admitted to The Guardian in 2021 that “Black people have never fully comprehended generational riches and passed that money on.” We’re only now beginning to comprehend it.

It empowers our community, he added, “because today these young people aspire not just of being basketball or football players, but also of becoming successful businesspeople. That’s why it’s crucial that we have authority and a place at the table.

Business Ventures and Entrepreneurship

Johnson has established himself as a successful businessman and entrepreneur in addition to his basketball career and HIV/AIDS campaigning. He is the owner of Magic Johnson Enterprises, a group of profitable companies that also includes Starbucks stores in underserved areas.

Johnson has developed a reputation as a shrewd investor and a supporter of social justice and economic empowerment thanks to his business endeavours. Moreover, he has pushed to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace and has been an outspoken advocate of minority-owned companies.

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