Simone Biles Net Worth In 2023

As one of the most accomplished Olympian gymnasts to ever grace the mats, Simone biles has a variety of sources of income. Due to several sponsorships from well-known companies, Simone’s fortune is still increasing quickly.

Simone Biles Net Worth

young life

She was born on 14/03/1997, in Columbus, Ohio. She had a difficult upbringing because of her parents’ drug and alcohol abuse. Her mother was unable to care for her & her 3 siblings since their father had abandoned the family when she was a little child.

The three-year-old Simone and her sister Adria were therefore adopted by her grandpa Ron Biles. The two were raised by Ron and his wife Nellie, while Simone’s elder sister and brother were adopted by Ron’s sister.

Simone Biles, a gymnast, how much money?

She has around $16 million in income, according.

The majority of her wealth has come from endorsements, sponsorships, and Olympic victories.

On April 23, 2021, it was revealed that Biles was leaving Nike and joining the Gap’s Athleta line for an unknown sum.

According to a statement from the business, Biles will be starting her own performance wear business with items for wearing to and from the gym.

Sponsorships for Simone Biles and Brand Partnerships

In 2015, Simone Biles agreed to a contract with Nike, and she represented them in the Olympics in Rio. But the partnership ended in 2021, and the club will now wear GK Elite-designed clothes.

Additionally, Biles has a collaboration with the Gap division’s women’s apparel line Athleta. She told the Wall Street Journal, “I believe they speak for everything that I stand for.

Significant collaborations between Simone and companies including Hershey’s, Kellogg’s, Octagon, and Beats by Dr. Dre. She has collaborated on Instagram with organisations including SK-II, GoogleIO, Visa Capital One, and most recently United Airlines.

Salary of Simone Biles

At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Biles took home four gold, one bronze, and $1K for each Olympic medal. Where the prize money for each medal is $10K for bronze, $25K for silver, and $15K for gold. She therefore collected almost $110K from that incident.

She has received a total of around 19 Olympic medals, along with considerable financial rewards.

Before she ever entered the Olympics, she had already made close to $2 million in World Championships and other competitions.

Her annual income is said to be roughly $316K.


Simone Biles is renowned for her charitable work as well. She has collaborated with a number of organisations, such as the Special Olympics and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Moreover, she has promoted body acceptance and raised awareness of mental health concerns via her platform.


As a result, She is a world-class gymnast & one of sports history’s most decorated athletes. She has achieved a worldwide reputation in the sport because to her skill, power, and accuracy, and she has motivated numerous others to follow their ambitions. During her career, her family has been a steadfast source of encouragement for her, and she has made use of her platform to support worthy causes and give back to her neighbourhood.

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